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4 Reasons Why I Love Homeschooling

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Figurative Language + Autism Teaching Moments

Adventures with Liam

Day Trip to Soaring Eagle Waterpark

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  • 😍 So this face turned 8 today. // I’ve attempted to caption this day- all day.  Everything comes out long and intensely sentimental and when I start to cry, I delete it.  So there it is...I have an 8 year old and I’m SO thankful for him. 💖 #adventureswithliamloowho #todayismyfavoriteday
  • 🦖1 mile in 13.04 min⚡️Pretty amazing for his first one mile run (and having dyspraxia-developmental coordination disorder)✊ // The Dino dash is a special race to us because 2 yrs ago, it was the first time I let Liam run anywhere out of my sight and reach - autism life, am I right? 🤪// Liam had to take a finish line pic with his favorite character and then again to show him his medal.💚 #despitedisability #msudinodash #onemilerun @therealsparty @msumuseum @msufcu
  • Something even sweeter happened at the parade.  Liam knows he can’t have gluten candy, choke hazard, and the things he has texture issues with.  On his own he negotiated trades with nearby kids for his candy in exchange for their tootsie rolls.  He had far less than what he gave, but everyone was thrilled! 💚#gogreengowhite #problemsolver @therealsparty
  • It was 40*F and raining but he didn’t even care. ☔️This is his first race since starting track + field at MSU. 😊 #collectingmedals #runningmotivation
  • Fall Saturdays are for college football // check out stories for the pics of the dog harassing Liam to play. 😉 *
#gogreengowhite #spartannation #saturdaysareforfootball #chillday #autismmom #specialneedsmom #saturdayvibes
  • Liam chased him down to get a picture. // Did I tell you we went to #capitalcitycomiccon this weekend? // He was in awe of all the grownups who dress up...I think he found his happy place.🤘🕸 #ironspiderman #adventureswithliamloowho
  • ✨First day of homeschool // Newest way to take a break.  He doesn’t realize this is also part of his work. 🙊 #toocoolforschool #otathome
  • Reason 538 why we love Detroit @mi_sci ✊#detroitlove  #adventureswithliamloowho *
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