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  • 🦸🏼‍♂️If you know me or have been with us for a while, you know I call Liam an X-MEN.  Stan Lee says X-MEN are genetic mutants-born with abilities to fight for peace and equality between average humans and mutants where there’s bigotry.  It’s impossible to explain Trisomy 13 to a child without sugar coating it. I explained it to him in terms he’d understand. HE is an X-MEN. A real one! He is a genetic deviation from the norm. Although his condition comes with the most infinite and terrifying risks, he inherently has abilities to fight- fight for fairness, equality, kindness, respect, awareness, and well-being.  Thank you @therealstanlee also a hero without a cape. 💗 #excelsior #trisomy13life #geneticallyenhanced
  • If you read my blog post about @switchwitches and how we planned to use her, then here’s a follow up.👉 Liam traded in 11 lbs of candy to send off to our troops overseas and received $11. 💵 I knew he wanted to do this but way underestimated how excited he’d be! 🙌WIN!😉 #halloweencandybuyback #switchwitch #gettinpaid
  • 🔊You’ll want the sound on for this gem. 😂 I just figured out why Liam woke up at “5am” and is starving for lunch at “10.” 😬I tried to rationalize why we change the clocks, which turned into a conversation including space and relativity.🤦‍♀️He got excited about time portals and I was getting ready to say they don’t exist then stopped and said “well there’s wormholes....” Liam:🤯 Me:🙊🤷‍♀️ #futureself #timechange #timetravel
  • •••👉🔊•••The 2 sides of Iron Spider: the candy getter and giver. 🕷#handingoutcandy 
#getyourcandy #ironspider
  • It’s finally Halloween! 🎃 Liam is most excited about going through the neighbor’s haunted yard and garage again.😆 #HalloweenTradition #LookBehindYou #ItWasADarkAndStormyNight
  • Eating Gluten-free food is easy, resisting gluten-ful treats on Halloween is hard. 😩 I found Switch Witch several weeks back and kept forgetting to share! 🤦‍♀️ Anyway link is in the bio for our allergy-friendly Halloween tradition. #allergyfriendlyhalloween #glutenfreehalloween @switchwitches ✨✨✨ I have a “who wore it better” in my! I wanna win!🤞@foodallergy
  • 😍 So this face turned 8 today. // I’ve attempted to caption this day- all day.  Everything comes out long and intensely sentimental and when I start to cry, I delete it.  So there it is...I have an 8 year old and I’m SO thankful for him. 💖 #adventureswithliamloowho #todayismyfavoriteday
  • 🦖1 mile in 13.04 min⚡️Pretty amazing for his first one mile run (and having dyspraxia-developmental coordination disorder)✊ // The Dino dash is a special race to us because 2 yrs ago, it was the first time I let Liam run anywhere out of my sight and reach - autism life, am I right? 🤪// Liam had to take a finish line pic with his favorite character and then again to show him his medal.💚 #despitedisability #msudinodash #onemilerun @therealsparty @msumuseum @msufcu